Digital tools for teaching and learning grammar.

Nowadays, digital tools have become a very common and useful alternative when it comes to teaching and learning languages, due to the huge tendency and need of using internet that almost everybody in the world has acquired.

And talking about internet, the more we surf it, the more we find new and updated stuff every day that we can use to improve about every single skill. English language is, in these days, a very required skill. Almost everywhere in the world that you go as a foreigner, English will be at least the basic language needed to be able to communicate with others.

At Coninglés, we teachers have been surfing the web, and would like to share with you all some significant digital tools to ease and improve your ways of teaching or even learning grammar.

First of all, it’s important to mention some of the most modern digital ways of teaching and learning English in general.

According to, the following are very effective digital tools: Films and Videos, Apps, Podcasts, Pen Pals, Web quests, online games, Blogging.

Now, to emphasize about grammar teaching and learning, we’d like to list some websites, apps and other resources which in our opinion are very easy to use and quite effective to make good progress in the process.

  • this site that offers quizzes, games and extra practice for grammar with instant feedback and explanations.
  • Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters starring in books, songs, videos, and interactive games.
  • Practice English Grammar (iOS and Android, Free): Featuring a combination of flash cards, questions, games, articles and specific feedback.
  • English Grammar Book (Android, Free) English Grammar Book offers many of the same features you have to pay for in other apps: a wide range of topics and immediate feedback via quiz scores.
  • Learn English Grammar is a top interactive grammar practice app designed to help improve English grammar accuracy by British Council.
  • Quizmaster by British Council: There are three kinds of quizzes here: spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Each is divided into three levels (easy, medium, and hard).

We really hope that this list helped you to expand your knowledge, even a little bit, regarding Digital Tools matters. See you in our next edition of TECHNO-TOOLS FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING.

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